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I’m so happy that you have stumbled across this site to discover more about the wonderful field of social work and human services, field practice, mental health topics, and social justice issues.

This is a place to become educated through the lens of a social worker and therapist, and further your knowledge on the world of social services and skills. In this day and age, many are quick to jump to conclusions and remain locked in long-held or shortly-formulated beliefs. It is through this forum, alternative views will be brought to light, and necessary conversations will take place. We live in a gray world, where all too often, it seems people want straightforward black and white, yes or no, right or wrong answers. Social and world issues are far more complex, and it is necessary that collaborative conversations occurs for solutions to be introduced and implemented.

As for myself, I am a recent MSW graduate from Columbia University, and also hold my Bachelor of Social Work from SUNY at Fredonia. I have completed work in child welfare and foster care, and am currently practicing as a psychotherapist in outpatient mental health. The information expressed on this site is entirely my own unless otherwise noted.

May you be enlightened, encouraged, or thoughtful with the words you read here. I hope you walk away with questions that further your learning, less ignorance, and an even greater passion for knowledge and the field of social work!

~Laura Swanson, MSW

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